Boys Night Out

While taking a moment to note that all these photos were taken at wildly different levels of sobriety, I'd like to take another moment to congratulate Jordan Williams and Nahid Amirchoupani tying the knot this very weekend in August!

Wiffle ball in dark with strobe lights? Steaks @ 2am? River Float? I think so. P.S. Fuck potato chips 4life. Bachelor party = great success.


The Road to Kyoto

So if you get the chance, go to Kyoto. They have a drink called "The Pungency" which is surprisingly delicious. This massive entry is mostly our travels through the streets of Kyoto and our stay in a traditional Japanese Ryokan, but also our journey up Mt. Tsukuba in a typhoon. Unfortunately I forgot we had the GoPro with us until after the heavy rains let we didn't capture the river coming at us along the hike. Had a little trouble organizing chronologically with so much data in the there's no real order to it on this one, lots o' goodies though. Enjoy!


Out of all the places we visited...Matsushima is probably my second favorite. Awesome little island town that was ravaged by the tsunami, yet there is hardly a trace of it left. Kudos to the Japnese work ethic. Also met some of the boldest seagulls on the planet & was seriously blown away by Amy's beauty. Oh and I did that thing that other photographer got famous for where his girlfriend leads him all kinds of interesting places. Might not be original, but it's pretty fun - annnnd I didn't photoshop the shit out of my photos. No offense other guy.

Ibaraki + Temples + Family & The FIRST Emperor's tomb

The blog title sums it up.  This set is from all over Japan, and has a little bit of everything. I've been playing with all kinds of effects in Lightroom and the VSCO filters, sooo the photo style isn't really consistent here, but by golly, the variety is off the charts!