Boys Night Out

While taking a moment to note that all these photos were taken at wildly different levels of sobriety, I'd like to take another moment to congratulate Jordan Williams and Nahid Amirchoupani tying the knot this very weekend in August!

Wiffle ball in dark with strobe lights? Steaks @ 2am? River Float? I think so. P.S. Fuck potato chips 4life. Bachelor party = great success.


Man Stuff. Aka "BB gun's, Nips, and America" - Matt Barnes

Testing out some new film emulation software from VSCO and gotta say I'm pretty stoked. In some senses it's very instagram-esque, but quite a bit more high caliber. Anywhoo, went out and did some serious man schtuff last weekend and no matter your position on gun laws...shooting an AR-15 (two at the same time?!?!) is pretty goddamn radical. Enyoi! (not a typo)