NPA Website Shoot

Did a awesome little fitness shoot the other day to be featured on the Normandy Park Athletic website I'm building. My ol' amigo turned fitness guru Ed Hones and the lovely Mariah Heflin pumped some iron for me while I set off all kinds of flash bangs and whizzkadooos. Seriously incredible models and they say they're not even in shape! Collection is mostly black & white to match the theme of the website, but I made sure to  include a little behind the scenes and some full color to show off their "recently returned from Hawaii" beautiful skin tones.  Somewhere, deep down...I do believe I feel some motivation to work out.

Evergreen Railings Welding Shoot.

As part of a redesign for the Evergreen Railings website I spent a couple hours hanging around the shop while Leif welded up a storm. Since you can't really look at what your shooting, welding is hands down one of the hardest things I've ever tried to photograph - also one of the most rewarding. Took a lot of bad photos before dialing in the proper exposure/timing for the shutter, but once I had it figured out I couldn't get enough. Planning to do another shoot soon to put together a gallery show of just welding.

Burning Man 2014

Once again, I would loved to have taken more photos...but participation often outweighs observation in this place. And Playa dust is a serious problem. Here's some snappers with a Canon 8-15mm fisheye & a 85mm (droolz). Mostly chronological from home to Bend, OR then sunrise to sunrise for days. 

Sorry not sorry for all the lens flare, I fucking love it.

P.S. Properly exposing for flamethrowers is a helluva thing. 

Midnight hike + selfie

Hiked up the old Mt. Si trail (the ridiculously steep one) on the last full moon. She's a beaut! Night time is the right time. Play the Willy vid & enjoy!

Sledalacious Duraflame!

Pitched me tent with some goofballs up above Alpental between Mt. Snoqualmie & Guye Peak. Set up the zipline, had a sippy-doo off the bag-o-wine, and shot the stars till my toes went numb.

Nice Little Spot

Just a well staged home I shot over in Kent - beautifully edited by my partner Iriana Shiyan of Artazum Photography! 


Non-work-related shenanigans from the past month!  Fog + dogs + surfing + fall + selfies w/Boo + Kombucha Town + Halloween! + Avatar Amy + Mom + Browns Point Tacoma = Octoblog!

Playa Wedding - Eric & Melissa

Hands down the most fun I've had shooting wedding photos...probababapossibly forever-eva. I'm relatively sure most folks think getting married at Burning Man is a crazy, borderline blasphemous thing to do...but after this experience, I'm convinced you'd be mental not to. Good friends, incredible music, art cars, champagne in desert landscapes & stray freaks that wander into the ceremony...the list goes on and on. PLUS(!!!!!), when it's all over you're smack dab in the middle of literally the best party in the world.  Nuff said. Anyhoooo, congratulations Eric & Mel! Photos = my gift to you!