I'm a photographer, filmmaker, creative director, mediocre beatboxer, moonlight painter, audiophile and outdoor enthusiast based in Seattle. I spend the majority of each year photographing & filming architecture and weddings in the PNW. The rest of the time I like to chase surf and lounge with puppies and kittens.

Cameras. Drones. Gimbals. Travels.

Like many who find a camera in their hands at a young age, storytelling and I had hot and passionate relationship that luckily blossomed into a career. These days the tools for photography and filmmaking keep getting more and more fun and open up incredible possibilities to inject into storytelling. I'm a huge fan of running gimbals and flying drones on projects and aim to capture moving images with authenticity, bringing light to places and people that inspire and awe. 

Architectural Photography

Straight lines, true colors, high-defininition. I strive for a crisp, clean, vibrant and engaging style - actively bringing viewers into the flow and essence of a space. Always on the lookout for artistic compositions, I capture indoor and outdoor spaces using both natural and artificial light for bright, realistic images. It's all about the details, so I get a wee bit meticulous about crafting every aspect of every image, often pixel by pixel. 


Not your standard Wedding Photographer

I like to bring a playful, laid-back approach to weddings, combine with a strong eye for capturing the less predictable moments. I'm not into stiff, awkward posing - so don't expect the standard narrative. Ideally you'll be flirtatious and quirky and loose, and silly and wild and genuine. Then I'll document your relationship with journalistic style and grace. Your love is inspiring and I want your photos to reflect that. But enough being all sappy with this barfy love stuff. No matter what, we'll capture something beautiful together and you might just cherish it forever. Click here to view a sample gallery.


Mitch Olsen Photo // Seattle, Washington // 

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